Destiny Segovia, MA, LPC

Contact or to make an appointment with Destiny directly at 380-204-9655.


Destiny helps people with Autism, PTSD, OCD and life adjustment issues.

Destiny’s personal statement: We all have a part of us that offers a unique contribution to the world and sometimes there are barriers that get in the way being able to do that. I’m here to help you clear away those roadblocks that stand in the way of being your full self in the world. Eliminate shame and doubt from your everyday experience so you can more easily access the parts of you that want to come alive, your true essence.

Through a somatic approach of working with the body during times of stress, combined with a cognitive approach of addressing thought patterns, we can equip you with the tools needed to navigate life with a sense of calm and acceptance.

If you are having a difficult time accessing joy in your life or if you find you are easily unsettled by the daily stressors of life, I invite you to reach out and discover the potential of a therapeutic relationship. I am looking forward to hearing from you