The services that HMT LTD provides are in demand. HMT LTD is always willing to consider other mental health providers, speech-language pathologists, independent ABA practitioners, occupational therapists, behavioral coaches, and psychiatric prescribers working with and under the HMT LTD name. However, HMT LTD values quality over quantity so does not currently advertise for clinical partners, because at HMT LTD we only want people with the motivation to find career opportunities on their own.

Clinical Skill Development at HMT LTD

Clinical skills development is a major focus of anyone who works with HMT LTD. Clinical partners will learn:

  • Assessment for Autism and other mental challenges in teens and adults. These include assessments on social skills, sensory issues and drivers of behavior
  • Appropriate medication coordination and advocacy
  • Clinical interventions/treatments
  • How to navigate ethical issues
  • To develop personal insights/learn about transference issues
  • Proper documentation and note-keeping
  • The philosophy behind psychotherapy

Business Skills, Money & Entrepreneurship

HMT LTD is committed to private practice and is willing to provide the assistance and knowledge you need to build your personal private practice at HMT LTD or get the skills to go out start your own private practice in the future. Entrepreneurship skill development includes:

  • How to advertise/get referrals
  • Dealing with insurance companies (both in-network, out-of-network and how to negotiate single case agreements)
  • Finding your profession niche
  • Billing clients and insurance
  • Accounting and business record keeping
  • Understanding legal and liability issues in business
  • Where to get/how to assess proper professional help
  • How to find proper physical spaces and manage overhead
  • Proper understanding of what professional insurance coverage to have
  • Explore how to make the salary you want
  • Finding and challenging beliefs that hold you back from being more successful in business
  • Personal career coaching and support from the HMT LTD founder

The benefits of working with HMT LTD

  • Personal and clinical freedom for independent practitioners (eg. LPCCs, LISWs, IMFTs, Psychologists, Psychiatrists) while having clinical support and business consultation
  • Make your own schedule
  • Keep up to 80% of all revenue you generate after covering overhead (depending on how much of the business side of the practice you want to take on)
  • Work as little or as much as you want (no productivity expectations outside of revenue needed to keep the overhead going)
  • Referrals from HMT LTD
  • Deal with insurances only if you want to, build a cash practice…your choice
  • You may be able to work for other companies/practices
  • Support and career development from HMT LTD leadership
  • Association with an established mental health practice
  • HMT LTD can provide work supervision (and therefore allow some insurance billing) for many mental health providers who are not yet fully licensed including, licensed professional counselors (LPC), social workers (LSW), and marriage and family therapists (MFT)
  • HMT LTD may also be willing to assist professional partners to start and advance professional/practice identities outside of HMT LTD if those endeavors complement the services at HMT LTD

And the downsides working for HMT LTD (for some people):

  • No benefits (Have you seen the crappy health insurance plans available for small businesses if we did provide health insurance? If you have to have crappy insurance, you might as well pick it yourself, that’s our founder’s thoughts).
  • No paid sick or vacation leave. Since you get to make your own schedule, you can take off whenever you want…but you don’t get paid.
  • Since pay is based on revenue/production, there is no guaranteed pay. Starting out can be especially challenging, but on the other hand when you get going you likely will make more than most other places.

Personal & Professional Attributes That HMT LTD Looks For

HMT LTD is not a practice for everyone. We pride ourselves on taking appropriate healthy clinical risks with clients, innovation to mental health practice even when controversial, engaging in mental health treatment outside of the office and helping clients other mental health providers don’t want. Additionally, HMT LTD is very lean on administration and focused on automation of most administrative functions. This is why HMT LTD can offer such high reimbursement rates (to our knowledge the best around) to our partners. Attributes that HMT LTD look for in partners include:

  • Providers who want to work independently but want to have contact and consultation with other providers
  • Providers with great intelligence and/or have the skills to work with people of great intelligence
  • Providers who can be very directive and assertive when needed (pure Rogerian/talk therapy providers are not a good fit for HMT LTD)
  • Providers who are excited to learn, invent and try new therapies/interventions
  • Providers who are not afraid to be controversial
  • Providers who take risks (within ethical boundaries)
  • Providers who are interested in the philosophical and dialectical nature of psychotherapy
  • Providers who can do their own billing and intake work with automated and technologically advanced systems
  • Providers who are flexible with the means of communication outside of the therapy office

If you have read all the above and are still interested in being a clinical partner with HMT LTD, fill out the form above so you can chat with our founder to see how HMT LTD can help you advance. Don’t send resumes or anything like that until asked, we want a social business chat first. Mention the word batbert in the describe box of the job contact form. This lets us know you actually read this stuff and have the perception & thoroughness to advance with HMT LTD as a partner. Failure to mention Batbert probably does not inspire confidence in the founder that you could grow at HMT LTD. Batbart does not mean anything, by the way. Just a fun word to say…