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Our Mission

Health Mind Training (HMT) exists to provide world-class clinical services to help teens (ages 12+) and adults. Please check out our services page for a list of available offerings and browse the website to meet our team and learn about our practice.

Counseling Service Options – COVID-19

Due to concerns over COVID-19, HMT would like to remind clients of their 3 options to get services:

  1. In person
  2. Over the phone (Telephonic counseling)
  3. Over HIPPA compliant video conferencing (Etherapy)

Many insurance companies are allowing telephonic and Etherapy sessions in the current situation. However, as always with insurance, call and make sure they will cover Telephonic or Etherapy with your HMT provider. Some insurances might say that they cover telephonic or Etherapy, but only with their specified provider, so make sure to get specific confirmation about Telephonic and Etherapy services. When you call ask for a reference number and keep it in case of any problems with insurance about this in the future.