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About Aaron

Aaron Engel

Call 614-515-1509 to schedule an appointment or schedule online. In-person and TeleHealth appointments are available.

Aaron Engel treats each client as the unique individual they are and helps clients reach their personal goals. He specializes in helping teens and adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder, anxiety, depression, mixed anxiety and depression, and obsessive-compulsive behaviors. Aaron also works with couples using the Gottman method.

Aaron spent the first twenty years of his career in Information Technology, working primarily as a project manager. He held consulting positions everywhere from a startup to large fortune 500 companies and understands the joys and pains corporate America can sometimes bring. These concerns can be interrelated with matters related to the home environment, romance, social life, religion and spirituality, health, growth and learning, enjoyment, family, and finances. Aaron has experience helping the whole person by discussing some, any, or all of these concerns. Concerns are discussed in a growth-focused manner, with the goal of equipping the client with tools they need to better help themselves outside of therapy. Aaron believes everyone can benefit from therapy, and looks forward to working with you!

Aaron works under the supervision of Healthy Mind Training CEO and counseling guru, Kenneth Smith.